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License & Agreements

The website is the property owned by the private capital company by the name “INKELO P.C.C”, from now on “INKELO”, located and founded in Greece Athens, 129, Filolaou Street, P.C. 116 32. The Company is legally established with Tax Registration Number 800964012 PES (Public Tax Company Service) Number: ΙΖ’Athens, General Commercial Register Number: 145871401000, telephone: +30 6976463280,  email: The visitor/user/customer of this website is requested to carefully read the current terms and conditions of use and access or utilize the pages/services of only if they fully accept them. Upon entering the website, the visitor/user proves the awareness of the conditions of use and by accepting them, withdraws from any right after visiting the website. INKELO Company claims the right to modify the conditions of use at any given time, without warning, while the visitors/users are required to check regularly for such modifications, as the constant use of entails that visitors/customers unconditionally accept such changes. In case visitors/customers do not accept any of the conditions of use, they take responsibility for withdrawing from the site, the use of it, as well as from any interaction or use if the services of the current site.  

SERVICES PROVIDED – SOFTWARE DESCRIPTION – FUNCTION AND SOFTWARE INTEROPERABILITY INKELO has the exclusive permission for use, sale and commercial exploitation of a software by the name “INKELO” digital tattooing for studios & artists, from now on “the software”, which mainly addresses to tattoo artists and tattoo studios and it is a digital software tool through which the user is able to apply a two-dimensional design, either colored or black and white on three-dimensional body shapes/figures, so that he/she can easily visualize how a real design of his/her choice would look like on various body spots. It is essentially a tattoo simulation process so that the user can decide on the spot and the size of the design of their choice before actually undergoing the tattooing procedure which will be indelible on their body possibly for life.   INKELO offers visitors/users/customers of the current website the opportunity to a free trial of the software for seven days, upon which the visitor/user/customer can evaluate the content of the software upon downloading it. After the seven-day trial, if the visitor/user/customer wishes to acquire permission to use the software for a definite time span, they should pay the fee according to the invoicing plan they choose. The software is provided/supplies upon permission to use, it is not for sale, which means that the user/visitor/customer claims the right to use it by means of the money deposited by them for six months or for a year, according to the selected invoicing plan and does not acquire ownership of the software – this is the property of the creator of the software. Permission of use by the visitor/user/customer is a non-exclusive, non-transferable property of the software, as well as of a limited time span, only for professional use by the customer (mainly by tattoo artists and tattoo studios) or for private use and can be installed in one or more PCs and be used by one or more persons always according to the selected invoicing plan. Customers/visitors/users are not allowed to lease, rent, publish, modify, adapt or translate any part of the software. They are not allowed to copy the software, to reversely analyze, to dub or dismantle any section of the software beyond legal limitations, or to try and create a new source code out of the current/existing software code. They are not allowed to lend, to sell or transfer the software. Upon receiving permission to use the software there should be no rights claimed concerning any commercial product signs or INKELO services. The software will cease operation upon the period of six months or one year, according the selected invoicing plan. Any use of it beyond the agreed time span or any effort to disrupt the “stopping function” is a violation of this contact and appears as infringement of copyright laws. Any form of reproduction or redistribution of the software which does not conform to the current conditions may ensue criminal charges. The software language, the website language and the language for Questions/Answers Section(FAQ) as well as for the Step by Step in Depth Tutorials is English. The method through which the content is supplied is DOWNLOADABLE ZIP FILE SET UP EXE (internet access). The need to connect to the internet becomes apparent only at the stage DOWNLOAD and upon the first installation in the user’s PC, where the user will be required to enter LICENSE KEY so that it is confirmed that the product has already been purchased and has been received through email. The user does not need to install any support software. The software can be used for a time period according to what invoicing plan selected dictates. INKELO provides/supplies/offers invoicing plans of six months, as well as three annual ones. There is no limitation regarding the location of the user’s device.

The software is compatible with Windows 7 operating system and covers all following version. Regarding MacOS (Apple products) operating systems, it supports all versions as of 2012 and onwards. The software does not support touch screens. VISTA or XP versions are not compatible with the software. As for the processor(CPU) and the graphic card(GPU), the software handles/exploits very limited sources for its function. More specifically, it needs an internal RAM processor on 1024MB and it can operate even on processors manufactured as of 2007 and onwards. The graphic card should have 1-2GB regardless of the manufacturer (Nvidia, Intel, AMD etc) so that the software can function to its best performance on a three dimensional level of digital graph depiction.  

CONTENT AND COPYRIGHT LAWS The whole content of, including images, graphs, photos, designs, texts, the supplied services and generally the content of all the files of this website – except for explicit exceptions like copyright laws of others, partners and agencies – are the copyright property of and INKELO company and are protected by relevant Greek legislation, as well as by European Law and by international treaties. Any other products or services mentioned/appearing in the webpages of this site and bear labels of corresponding organizations, companies, co-agencies, unions or publications are their own copyright property and therefore any responsibility lies within them. All names/titles, images, logos and the distinctive features representing INKELO company and the current website are exclusive for INKELO and and are protected by reek, communal and international laws regarding commercial labels, industrial and copyright property, as well as unfair competition. It is forbidden to copy, to record digitally or conventionally, to technically reproduce to distribute, modify, distort, dub, adapt, transfer, sell, republish or send data to another computer (upload), in any way and for any piece of information and content (as a whole, in parts or in short) of this site, including sending such data through the internet or the availability of the data on the web in any possible way. 

PERSONAL DATA FOR VISITORS/USERS Personal Data includes any information regarding and characterizing an individual such as their name, address, birth date, sex, mobile phone number and email. INKELO pledges to protect the personal data of users/visitors/customers of  and to comply with the relevant laws for the protection of personal data (N. 2472/1997, N. 3471/2006). Therefore, no information about personal data is gathered unless voluntarily offered by visitors/users/customers. INKELO does not require evidence for personal data to browse or to access its content, except for cases whereby the customer wishes to try the software for free, to acquire permission for use and pay for a specific time span, therefore they first become members of If the user/visitor/customer wishes to use services but also to ensure contact and support, promotion and real transaction between themselves and the company, they will be requested to provide personal data (name, surname, if the customer is a company they should provide name and location, email, phone number, credit card data, country, city and address, postal code, if the customer wants an invoice as well as VAT number). The persona data of the users are necessary only for drawing up the contracts with to supply the described services on the website and to communicate with users. The users/visitors/customers provided the required personal data and consent to receiving informative emails to be aware of any software upgrading – as they have received it after payment – so that they perform the necessary steps to acquire the latest and most updated version until the expiration date as dictated by the selected invoicing plan. The visitor/user/customer agrees that the data submitted to are full correct, true, accurate and valid and if they change the service of will be notified accordingly so that this data is kept as mentioned above. The members bear full responsibility for any action carried out under the personal access code, the username and generally their account. The members consent to notifying immediately for any unauthorized use of their account or any security violation. Additionally, the members bear full responsibility for carefully using their account and exiting it after each use. is not liable for any damage ensuing from members’ inability to respect and conform to the current contract. Upon registering the user consents to their personal data being used by INKELO, as the latter responsible for processing this data. The same should happen with AVANGATE company (, based in the European Union (De Cuserstraat 93, 2nd Floor, 207 – 208 office, 1081 CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31208908080), through automated means. This company will act on behalf and on request of INKELO, collecting/gathering personal data from users/visitors/customers and processing it accordingly. However, as there might be cases when unauthorized individuals might have access to the messages sent to the users through the Web, users are asked not to use their email address to send data that they wish to remain private. According to the sections 11 to 13 Law as well as those who provide personal data to the website are entitled to ask and receive the following data via INKELO: a0. All data personalized which concern them, b). the process purposes and any recipients , c). correction of their personal data kept on record as well as the right to raise any objections regarding their data by sending an email to or by using the contact form found on this webpage. The notification / publication of personal data by the users of performed in the way mentioned above entails the acceptance of the current conditions of use. In case the user does not consent to their personal data being used they should not fill in the relevant fields. To gather and process the data by Avangate with the purpose of supporting, promoting and conducting the transaction, with the user. That the transaction is conducted via payment. That the customer consents to the immediate operation of the contract and agrees to let go of their withdrawal right as soon as the loading or the operation and flow of the digital content begins.

SECURITY is making every effort to ensure the security of users’ personal data, conforming to strict security regulations, which might change or be modified according to how regards the situation. To ensure the protection of users’ personal data, uses all the necessary SSL Certificates. SSL Certificates come out on scales of 40-bit and 128-bit. The larger the scale, the more difficult it is to violate the codified message. uses SSL 128-bit, which is a trillion times more powerful than the corresponding of 40-bit. By using SSL Certifcates the data which is sent cannot be read by anyone except the server receiving it. Payments, gathering and collecting personal data are performed exclusively via AVANGATE company (, based in the European Union (De Cuserstraat 93, 2nd Floor, 207 – 208 office, 1081 CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31208908080), which has the necessary infrastructure concerning SSL Certificates security levels, is fully certified and located in the European Union so that they work as mediators and official agent for the distribution of worldwide.  



Payments are done via AVANGATE company ( based in the European Union (De Cuserstraat 93, 2nd Floor, 207 – 208 office, 1081 CN Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31208908080) and customers can choose among 28 credit cards. To perform the transactions, the user/visitor/customer is “transferred” in Avangate’s SAFE SURROUNDINGS which involve all the online security systems (SSL etc). Please fill in all the necessary fields on the secure order form (card number, expiration date, CCV).


  PayPal payment is conducted/is feasible under irreversible conditions for transactions imposed by PayPal company.


The right to withdraw as defined for drawn up contracts from a distance or outside any department store is not valid as it concerns the supply of digital content which is not given on material medium. Therefore, if the user/visitor/customer wants to draw up the contract and acquire permission to use the software upon payment, they have to firmly consent and confirm that they are not entitled to withdraw, otherwise the contract cannot be drawn up. The visitor/user/customer agrees to lose the right to withdraw from the contract when the uploading and function of the digital content starts.    

ETHICS AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF USERS/MEMBERS DAMAGES – COMPENSATION   The visitor/user of this website is fully responsible for its legal use and obliged to conform to any valid legal statements as well as to abstain from any unlawful or abusive usage of the content and the services of Visitors/Users/Customers are forbidden to use the website to send, publish, transmit any illegal content which may be at the same time threatening, offensive, disrespecting, immoral, vulgar or inappropriate that may support or express racial, national or any other kind of discriminations, thus causing harm to people in any way. It is forbidden to access or attempt to access data (including personal data) which are circulated via the current website. It is forbidden to pirate the software in any way, to hack or spyware, copy conventionally, to distribute, transfer, download, alter, resell any data, content or material of the current website. Visitors/Users are also forbidden to upload, publish, send or use any other medium to install any unsolicited advertisement or other content relevant to promoting products, or to use services or other websites. They are not allowed to send undesirable and unsolicited e-mails which are not in agreement with the recipient. It is forbidden to harass others in any way. Using this current website for unlawful purposes ensues civil and criminal charges. Visitors/Users agree and accept that ears no responsibility for any material as that mentioned above, nor should it be considered that welcomes or consents to such inappropriate content. In case a visitor/user caused technical damage either to the website or to the system transmitting the website to visitors/users, they are responsible for any further damaged and should undertake the task of restoring it. The visitor/user also bears full responsibility for any other damage caused to the present website due to wrong or illegal use of data/services as well as due to non-compliance with the aforementioned restrictions.    

UNDERAGE USERS does not approve gathering personal data relating to individuals under 18 years old.    

DURATION   The visitor/user understands and accepts the fact that has the exclusive right to terminate the use of access codes to its services or even intercept the supply of its content to any visitors that have possibly violated the current conditions of use.    

ADVERTISING   INKELO is by no means responsible for any contract of visitors/users/customers with other service suppliers advertised on or for any commercial transaction or communication that might happen between them.    

RESPONSIBILITY AND GUARRANTEE BY INKELO – TECHNICAL SUPPORT   INKELO guarantees that the software, whose permission of use is granted according to the current conditions and regulations, does not infringe on any copyright or industry laws of others. The visitor/user/customer will find on all the necessary information to operate and install the software under Questions-Answers Section, as well as in Step by Step in Depth Tutorial Sections, which includes videos with explicit instructions. If the visitor/user/customer encounters any problem which they cannot deal with by browsing the above sections, has the opportunity to complete and send us the contact form or call us at +30 6976463280. INKELO guarantees that the software functionality will be constant and uninterrupted according to the pricing plan selected by the user, provided of course the user complies with the regulations for use of this functional system.    
GUARANTEE LIMITATION RESPONSIBILITY or LIABILITY LIMITATIONS   INKELO is not held responsible for any technical faults that might appear to visitors/users/customers during visiting or using the website or for problems relating to the function and infrastructure compatibility of the user. Partial use of this website lies within responsibility of visitors/users/customers. The website, including all the material and functions available, to which access is permitted through the website are provided “as they are” and “as long as they are available”. No statement or guarantee  is provided regarding a) the accuracy and suitability for using the site or non-violation of any part of the content published on the present website or is supplied through it b) that the server, which renders the current website accessible does not contain viruses or other elements that cause damage to the user’s/visitor’s/customer’s computer equipment or damage any other property item on acquisition of access, browsing, material reception or any other use of the website, c) that the use or exploitation of the services by the users/visitors/customers will remain constant or flawless. In no way will INKELO be held responsible for any ensuing immediate, accidental, indirect, legal or specific damage relevant to a) the website use, b) weakness to use the website, c) the existence of flaws or omissions in the content and the operation of the website.    

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES contains links to other websites. Interconnection between and other websites through links is performed only to facilitate visitors/users/customers. These websites are not under the control of, therefore INKELO is not responsible for availability, content, security policy of personal data, quality and efficiency of their services.   INKELO is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage to visitors/users/customers which comes up after interconnection with another website through links or after using data included in every similar webpage. Therefore, for any problem encountered during using/visiting them, the visitor/user/customer is obliged to directly address the corresponding websites and webpages, which bear full responsibility for supplying their services. INKELO should not be considered to agree with or accept the content or the services of these websites and the webpages to which is related in any way.    

COOKIES may use cookies to recognize/acknowledge the user. Cookies are short text records, stored in every user’s/visitor’s computer and are used only to facilitate accessing certain services by the user/visitor for marketing ad statistics reasons, so that the fields where are useful or popular. This data may include the type of browser used by the visitor/user, the kind of PC, its operating system, the suppliers of internet services and information of this kind. The use of means that the visitor/user consents to the use of cookies. The visitor/user consents to the use of cookies. The visitor/user may regulate their server in such a way that no cookies use is permitted at any rate. In this case, the user cannot further access these services.    

ELECTRONIC DISPUTE RESOLUTION   Through government resolution 70330 (Gov. 1421 B’/09.07.2015), the Greek Legislation integrated the Law 2013/11EE of the European Parliament and the Board of May 21st 2013, which allows disputes to be tackled through the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution through the Web. The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) platform is provided by the European Board and provides consumers and trades in EE, Norway Iceland, and Lichtenstein with the opportunity to resolves disputes relevant to online purchases of products and services without resorting to legal proceedings.   This procedure functions as a compromise out of the courtroom. It is about an alternative mechanism to resolve disputes through certified agents of dispute resolutions who undertake the task of compromising disputes among consumers and suppliers online, when such disputes are relevant to purchases through the web.   The parties are allowed to access the procedure without being obliged to use a lawyer or legal advisor. The procedure allows the parties involved to receive advice or to be represented and supported by a third or other party along stages.   It has to be highlighted the consumer must first contact the company the company in effort to resolve the dispute directly before submitting the charges to any agent of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Board and that is, if there was no success in resolving the dispute immediately with the direct submission of the charges to the company. In fact, if the consumer submits the complaint to an ADR agent without first notifying or submitting the complaint to the company, may lead to this complaint being rejected and not being examined. At this point, it must be noted that one of the agents of Compromise Dispute Resolution is Consumer Advocate ( which is an independent authority body aiming at resolving disputes among consumers and suppliers in civilizes manner without resort in to the court. The Regulation (EE) No. 524/2013 established the creation and operation of a union-wide platform to resolve disputes (ADR → Alternative Dispute Resolution) which offers the consumer the opportunity to submit any disputes emerging from online purchases for resolution through the Web. Therefore. Here is the email to this platform ( as well as our email address (    

ENFORCEMENT OF LEGISLATION AND AUTHORIZATION   Any dispute between the contractors regarding the application, interpretation or nullity of the conditions of the contract, or concerning the existence or not of rights and obligations on the part of the contractors via contract or even after illegal action, falls under the Greek legislation system and is the responsibility of Greek courts, to which the parties are subjected voluntarily as of the present day. In case any of the current conditions is rendered invalid or voidable, this nullity or cancellation will not affect the validity of the rest of the terms.    

CONTACT   Should visitors/users/customers have any queries about or the software, they can contact us at, at tel. no. +306976463280 or fill in and send us a contact form.