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Is inkelo compatible with any operating system?

Inkelo is currently available for Microsoft Windows (version 7 & above) & MacOS (late 2012 version) for Apple products. Inkelo is NOT supported in Windows VISTA or Windows XP.

Is inkelo compatible with any touch screens?

No, at the moment inkelo is not supported for use via touch screens.

Are there any technical specifications or restrictions for inkelo to operate?

Inkelo is a very ‘light-weighted’ software and it can be operational even if your PC is quite ‘old gen tech’.
Although it may needs a minimum of 3-4GB of RAM to ‘run’ smoothly & another key factor is your GRAPHICS card(GPU).
An UPDATE  to your GPU Drivers is RECOMMENDED If you experience any problems when you run Inkelo.

Are there any TUTORIALS on the web on how to learn to use inkelo?

We have already create for you in-depth step by step TUTORIALS for all the features that inkelo offers.
You can find them by visiting IT WORKS section or in our YouTube channel.

Does inkelo supports any other language except English?

Yes it does! You can choose your preferred language at the ‘WELCOME’ screen of inkelo.
Choose among English, German, Spanish, Italian & French.
We are already planning to add more like Japanese, Swedish, & Russian.

How can I purchase INKELO?

For purchasing INKELO you need to go to the pricing tab and select one of our pricing plans that suit your needs the most.
The site will guide you through the next steps of the purchase procedure. First you need to register if you are a new customer or login to your account if you are already registered.
The plan that you chose will be in your cart and your payment methods will be listed on the checkout.
After your purchase is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail to the address that you provided (CHECK your ‘spam’ folder also) with a link to download your product in a zipfile format.
In the same e-mail you will also receive one or more Licence keys for activating inkelo in more than one PCs, depending on the pricing plan of your choice.

Where can i find my invoice after my purchase?

You will receive an additional e-mail to the address that you provided with all the details of your purchase.

What '1 User Licence' means in the pricing tab?

‘1 User Licence’ means that INKELO can be installed in one PC (desktop or laptop) only. You can install INKELO in more than one PCs, if your pricing plan permits it.
If it does, you will receive via e- mail, additional licence. keys for INKELO to be activated in more than one PCs.

My pricing plan has an option for adding extra licences with extra charge if i need to. How extra licences work?

You can add ONE OR MORE licences AFTER your initial purchase of a price plan.Inkelo needs to confirm that you have ALREADY bought a plan BEFORE start buying EXTRA Licences.
Let’s give an example:
If you purchase INKELO at January 1st 2018, it will expire at January 1st 2019. If you want to add an EXTRA  Licence, AFTER you received the confirmation e-mail of your purchase, go to, LOGIN to your account & you can start ADDING extra Licences.
NOTE: You can ADD AS MANY AS YOU WANT but make sure that corresponds to your purchased pricing plan. The extra licence that you need will expire at the same date of your initial purchased plan, January 1st 2019.
So the price for a 7 month extra licence will be calculated by the monthly price that is written next to the annual price of a licence.
Calculation example: Initial price of extra licence is 100 or 8.30 per month.For the 7 months remaining for your plan to expire you will be charged as 7 x 8.30 = 58.10

How do I install INKELO?

1. Go to your e-mail, locate the mail from inkelo & click on the button ‘download your product’. After your download is completed go to your Downloads folder.
2. In your ‘Downloads’ folder look for a file named ‘inkelo setup.exe.
3. Right click the inkelo setup.exe file and select ‘run as administrator’. Click next.
4. The inkelo installer is ‘running’, press ‘next’ to go through the proccess.
5. When you install inkelo for the first time, it will ask you to ‘enter a Licence key’ during the steps of the installation.YOU NEED TO BE ONLINE for this certain step for verification purposes.
6. Go to your mail and locate the Licence key in the inkelo email. Copy this key & paste it in the required field when it asks you to. Click ‘NEXT’.
7. That’s it! You have successfully installed inkelo!
8. An icon shortcut named INKELO will appear on your desktop. Double click it to open the application.

What username should I type in the WELCOME screen?

Anything can be used as a username, although if you type something common,for example ‘mairy’ maybe another user with the same username already exists.
So to help inkelo to categorize users, type something UNIQUE and MEMORABLE, for example your full name, your email or a nickname etc.

How can I create a category for the LIBRARY section?

Inkelo has a great feature named ‘LIBRARY MANAGER’.This is a HIDDEN button for administration purposes.
RUN inkelo & when the ‘welcome screen’ appears, simply click F2 on your keyboard (or Fn+F2 for laptops). A ‘MANAGE LIBRARY’ button will appear.
Click on it & after that everything will be very easy to create your own categories, delete, remove, rename etc.
Click EXIT when you are done and enter inkelo to see your newly created categories at the ‘LIBRARY’ button.
At ‘the how it works’ section on the site, you will find in-depth tutorials on how to create your own library.

Which types of image formats are compatible for import?

Inkelo uses the jpeg format, no other types are currently supported.

Can I add or remove fonts for the TYPE TOOL to work with?

Of course you can. Inkelo uses ‘true type'(ttf) and ‘open type'(otf) fonts to display them in the TYPE TOOL section.
If you want to add or remove any of the existing fonts, simply go to the directory where INKELO is installed.
Usually for windows users is in your local disc(C):\inkelo\fonts. Paste in there the fonts you like the most, or remove any font that not suit your needs. Restart the program for changes to be seen

Where can I locate the saved files of my customers or the snapshots that they create?

Go to the directory where inkelo is installed. Usually for windows users they are in your local disc(C):\inkelo\saved.
In there you will see all the customer folders which are named with the username that the customer first entered in the WELCOME screen.
Snapshots are in the folder ‘snapshots’ of any customer folder you choose to open.

Some buttons in the main menu do not do anything when pressed - why is that?

After you type your username and enter the application, only BODYTYPES and LIBRARY are functional. You must choose a BODYTYPE first to UNLOCK the functions of the other buttons.

When I click an image in the LIBRARY, a blue star appears - what is it?

Blue star indicates that you selected the specific image for later use. Click on any image that you want to use later – there is no restriction on how many you can select.
Just click anything that grabs your attention as a design and when you are over with viewing in the LIBRARY, press the SELECTED button.
EVERY image with a blue star in the LIBRARY will be there, so think of it as multiple selection. Of course you can go back to the LIBRARY and add more any time you wish.

Can I create something in an external image/drawing editor like photoshop and insert it into inkelo?

This is one of the great advantages of inkelo – of course you can! It is highly recommended to CREATE any design FROM SCRATCH and import it to see how it looks on a body.
Keep in mind the square aspect ratio of the image and the maximum 2048×2048 pixel resolution and let inkelo do the rest!