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Inkelo / 1 year plan / ultra

1 year plan / ultra

549.00 (Price Without Taxes)

4 user / pc + updates
+25% discount on 2nd year renewal

*MAC OS users must have at least (late 2012) OSX operating system



ULTRA plan is ideal for large studios giving them the opportunity to showcase their work in many PCs simultaneously.
ADD USER for 25 euros annually is extremely versatile & you can reach up to 8 users with just 100 euros extra.
ULTRA plan comes with a great 25% DISCOUNT coupon for your second year renewal.Receive updates or bug fixes for FREE.
1. You may want to buy the ULTRA & ADD user at the sixth month of your Annual subscription.
Go to, LOGIN to your account and ADD USER through your ULTRA PLAN. You will be charged only for the 6 remaining months until your ULTRA plan expires.
INKELO will guide you through the process & after payment confirmation you will receive via e-mail an extra reg.key to activate your added user.


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