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Inkelo is a unique piece of software created by a passionate team of digital artists & developers, aspiring to give a great digital tool to the studios and tattoo artists.

It is mainly focused on the preproduction stage of making a piece of art on the skin.It helps you visualize the position and the size of any given design on a digital body.

Inkelo is a combination of 2d, 3d and developer tools trying to mimic how a 2D design is altered & adjusted on a three dimensional surface like the human body. Think of it as a way for anyone to preview accurately what will be inked on their skin for a lifetime.

Now your potential clients have the ability to choose any of your designs and project them on any part of the body they want, just to see if it is well fitted. Give your customers a new & innovative way to explore your design library not just through plain pages but on a digital accurate representation of the human body.